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These are the chart results of the annual 987 Top 100 Countdown of the year 2008.

Top 100 Chart[]

  • Songs in bold denotes that they did not appear on the then weekly 987FM Top 20.
  • Singapore songs are denoted in underlines.
No. Title Artist
1 “Apologize” Timbaland ft. OneRepublic
2 “Low” Flo Rida ft. T-Pain
3 “Take A Bow” Rihanna
4 “Stronger” Kanye West
5 “With You” Chris Brown
6 “4 Minutes” Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland
7 “Always Be My Baby” David Cook
8 “Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run)” We The Kings
9 “Crush” David Archuleta
10 “Fall For You” Secondhand Serenade
11 “Bleeding Love” Leona Lewis
12 “That's Not My Name” The Ting Tings
13 “No One” Alicia Keys
14 “Easy” Paula DeAnda ft. Bow Wow
15 “Nine In The Afternoon” Panic! At The Disco
16 “Touch My Body” Mariah Carey
17 “Built To Last” Melee
18 “I’m Yours” Jason Mraz
19 “When You Look Me In The Eyes” Jonas Brothers
20 “Stop And Stare” OneRepublic
21 “Shake It” Metro Station
22 “See You Again” Miley Cyrus
23 “Teardrops On My Guitar” Taylor Swift
24 “Disturbia” Rihanna
25 “Viva La Vida” Coldplay
26 “Burnin’ Up” Jonas Brothers
27 “The Man Who Can't Be Moved” The Script
28 “Lucky” Jason Mraz
29 “Better In Time” Leona Lewis
30 “Teenage Love Affair” Alicia Keys
31 “Pictures Of You” The Last Goodnight
32 “Don't Stop The Music” Rihanna
33 “7 Things” Miley Cyrus
34 “Hate That I Love You” Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo
35 “When I Grow Up” The Pussycat Dolls
36 “Kiss Kiss” Chris Brown ft. T-Pain
37 “Hero/Heroine” Boys Like Girls
38 “Potential Breakup Song” Aly and AJ
39 “When I’m Gone” Simple Plan
40 “Love In This Club” Usher ft. Young Jeezy
41 “Empty” The Click Five
42 “Misery Business” Paramore
43 “Gimme More” Britney Spears
44 “Forever” Chris Brown
45 “Handlebars” Flobots
46 “Happy Birthday” The Click Five
47 “One Step At A Time” Jordin Sparks
48 “Superstar” Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos
49 “No Air” Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
50 “Damaged” Danity Kane
51 “Shadow Of The Day” Linkin Park
52 “I Got It From My Mama” will.i.am
53 “Crushcrushcrush” Paramore
54 “Beat It” Fall Out Boy ft. John Mayer
55 “Love Song” Sara Bareilles
56 “Bubbly” Colbie Calliat
57 “Whoa Oh! (Me vs Everyone)” Forever The Sickest Kids
58 “The Best Damn Thing” Avril Lavigne
59 “How Could I Just Kill A Man” Charlotte Sometimes
60 “This Is Me” Demi Lovato ft. Joe Jonas
61 “I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time” Mariah Carey
62 “S.O.S” Jonas Brothers
63 “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)” Wyclef Jean ft. Niia, Akon and Lil Wayne
64 “Tattoo” Jordin Sparks
65 “Thunder” Boys Like Girls
66 “American Boy” Estelle ft. Kanye West
67 “Heartbreaker” will.i.am ft. Cheryl Cole
68 “Pocketful Of Sunshine” Natasha Bedingfield
69 “Elevator” Flo Rida ft. Timbaland
70 “That's What You Get” Paramore
71 “Lollipop” Lil Wayne ft. Static Major
72 “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” Alicia Keys
73 “Mercy” Duffy
74 “Shut Up And Let Me Go” The Ting Tings
75 “Inconsolable” Backstreet Boys
76 “When Will I See Your Face Again” Jamie Scott and The Town
77 “Your Love Is A Lie” Simple Plan
78 “Bye Bye” Mariah Carey
79 “All Around Me” Flyleaf
80 “Leavin'” Jesse McCartney
81 “All Summer Long” Kid Rock
82 “In The Ayer” Flo Rida ft. will.i.am
83 “Give Until There's Nothing Left To Give” Relient-K
84 “Can’t Hold On” Melee
85 “Just Fine” Mary J. Blige
86 “Closer” Ne-Yo
87 “Sorry” Buckcherry
88 “If That’s Okay With Me” Shayne Ward
89 “Just Us Two” Max Shanti
90 “What About Now” Daughtry
91 “Won't Go Home Without You” Maroon 5
92 “Make Some Noise” Krystal Meyers
93 “Later2nite” Mark Bonafide
94 “Chasing Pavements” Adele
95 “Can't Help But Wait” Trey Songz
96 “A Milli” Lil Wayne
97 “Bust It Baby (Part 2)” Plies ft. Ne-Yo
98 “Realize” Colbie Caillat
99 “Give It To Me” Madonna
100 “Spiralling” Keane


  • The 'Best of...' nominations and Special Awards have been removed.
  • The background music that was playing while the DJs are talking is Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy.