987FM Wiki

Every last Saturday of the month, 987FM would hold a party at a club, with all the DJs (except the one on shift) attending. There would be free flow of drinks. Admission is free, but invites have to be won through the contests on the weekday shifts or through the 987 RSVP card, given with the 987 RSVP CD.

Year Month Location Theme
2008 October Thumper Halloween Party
November The Arena at Clarke Quay Vampire Night in association with the Twilight movie
December not held as the Siloso Beach Countdown Party was approaching
2009 January Zirca at The Cannery
February Powerhouse at St James Powerstation
March Bar None at St James Powerstation Launch of 987 RSVP CD
April Rebel at The Cannery
May Velvet Underground at Zouk
June not held as 987 Life's A Beach was held at Siloso Beach on the 20th of the month
July HOUSE @ Dempsey Hill
August Hard Rock Cafe Michael Jackson in association with his 51st birthday
September not held due to the F1 events being held on the last weekend of the month
October Attica Halloween Party
November Wavehouse at Sentosa The Rated RSVP Party in association with the launch of Rihanna's album Rated R
December not held due to the Sentosa Siloso Beach Countdown Party


January Helipad at The Central
February Loof (Rooftop Bar) at Odeon Towers
March Yellow Jello Retro Bar at The Cannery
April Zouk 21 Hot Guys in association with the station's 21st birthday
May The Butter Factory ‘Animal’ RSVP in association with Ke$ha’s album ‘Animal’
June Siloso Beach World Cup RSVP alongside Singapore World Cup Festival 2010
July not held due to the 987FM R(21) Launch Party held at *scape on the 16th of the month
August Grown Ups in association with the movie of the same name/21 Hot Girls in association with the station's 21st birthday