987FM Wiki

1990s & Before[]

1 January Launched as Perfect Ten 98.7FM with 10 DJs, it was the first 24-hour English radio station in Singapore.


27 June Re-branded to 987FM with it's new slogan "Only The Hits".
October The Serious World was introduced, hosted by Don & Drew.
December Emily Teng joins the 987FM DJ Crew.

Unknown Month

The Top 10 Visual Radio Music Downloads chart show was aired. It was presented by a computer-generated and edited female voice. It was then replaced by 987 Stripped which was hosted by Shan Wee from 4pm to 5pm on Saturdays.

987 Top 20 Chart, which was hosted by Vernon Anthonisz and Jamie Yeo was degraded to become 987 Top 10 Chart. Daniel Ong, which previously hosted 987 Home took over the program.

4th Quarter 987 UK Top 10 was extended to the Top 20 Chart & it's timeslot was moved from 4 to 5pm on Sundays to a later timeslot at 7 to 8pm.
January 987 Top 10 Chart was extended back to 987 Top 20 Chart. Mr Young joined in with Daniel Ong for the countdown.
6 June Jacqui Thibodeaux joined the 987FM DJ Crew.
May Muttons In The Morning hosted by Justin Ang & Vernon Anthonisz were temporary suspended from the show due to their hosting of "No Bra Day", an activity which was sponsored by FHM Singapore, featured young models competing to see who could remove their bras in the fastest time possible.
July After Justin Ang & Vernon Anthonisz suspensions were lifted, The duos hosted a new show called Muttons At Midnight every weekdays from 10pm to 2am.
23 July Introduced new programme schedules.

Rosalyn Lee (Rozz) & Chew Soo Wei (Soo) joined the 987FM DJ Crew with the following changes:

  • Chew Soo Wei (Soo) took over the weeknight slot which was previously vacant after Carrie Chong left 987FM.
  • Rosalyn Lee (Rozz) teamed up with Shan Wee to form a new program called The Shan & Rozz Show from 4 to 8pm.
19 October Raven Hanson left 987FM.
22 October

Ms Vandetta took over the 1 to 4pm weekday timeslots, replacing Raven Hanson & thus becoming a full-time DJ.

At the same time, Vandetta's weekends morning timeslot was replaced by Emily Teng.


22 March

987 Weekend Wind-Down was introduced. It causes 987 Stripped to be pushed to a later timeslot from 5 to 6pm.

At the same time, Shan Wee was replaced by Mr Young as the host.

987 Generations was introduced hosted every weekends, playing tracks from the dirty genres.
21 April

Muttons At Midnight timeslot was brought forward from 10pm to 2am to 8 to 12am & the show was renamed to Muttons To Midnight, resulting in the removal of Say It With Music.

Say It With Music was then renamed to Pillowfight With Soo & was changed to a new timeslot from 12 to 3am.

2nd or 3rd Quarter

Ms Vandetta joined Daniel Ong & Mr Young in the morning show to form AM Mayhem, leaving the 1 to 4pm weekday afternoon slot vacant.

Live Over Lunch was launched and aired on weekdays from 1 to 2pm.

June Revamped of 987FM webpage.
September Introduced new interval signals.
31 October The Serious World was moved from its original timeslots from 3 to 5am to 2 to 4pm.
3 November

On Air With Ryan Seacrest was aired every weekdays from 1 to 4pm via a satellite feeds from the US, replacing The Serious World.

On the same day, the weekday edition of Live Over Lunch from 1 to 2pm was removed from it's timeslots. It was the only computer-controlled weekday show on 987FM.

Unknown Months The ability to vote for songs in the 987 Top 20 Charts was removed.
Introduced (K-MIX) versions of songs that features a jingle at the beginning of selected songs released.
1 January Celebrated 20th birthday.
February 987 Remix was replaced by the Saturday slot of 987 Stripped.
1 March Internet radio streaming was suspended alongside with all other Mediacorp radio stations due to copyright issues.
21 March 987 Home & 987 The Edge swapped timeslots.
5 April 987 Home changed over to a one-hour show to short trailers played every six hours from Monday to Saturday weekly.
13 - 17 April Nokia Comes With Music week was launched. It featured completely no commercials for the first time temporarily for the entire week.
July Chew Soo Wei (Soo) left 987FM over an alleged claims.
27 July Minor reshuffling of shifts.
14 September Minor changes were made to the 987FM website.
October Internet radio stream were temporarily resumed, however a few days later, the radio stream link was taken down.
1 December

987FM's internet radio stream officially resumed back along with other Mediacorp stations. TTo keep up with the radio stream synchronization, the live FM transmission are being delayed by approximately 30 to 90 seconds.


Unknown Month
Constance Lau joins the part-time 987 DJ Crew.
14 January A second batch of New This Week tracks has been introduced every mid-week.
19 February Daniel Ong left 987FM.
24 February Launch of xinmsn web portal resulting in the 987FM webpage to be revamped.
March Divian Nair joins the part-time 987 DJ Crew.
1 March Sarah Tan joined the 987FM DJ Crew.

A new radio show AM Jam was introduced which was hosted by Ms Vandetta & Mr Young.

This caused Ms Vandetta's former radio show, The V Spot to be replaced by Sarah Tan's new show.

The format of programming and the playlist arrangements was revamped.
20 March 987 Generations was hosted by Mr Young instead of the computer-generated shows.
27 March The long-vacant timeslot of 11am to 2pm on Saturdays was changed from Only The Hits to a new show by Emily Teng.
The UK Top 20 on 987FM were both hosted by Shan Wee & Sarah Tan. This marks the first time the UK Top 20 (previously UK Top 10 prior to late 2006) that are hosted by two hosts since its commencement in 2005.
29 March Listeners were baffled that Ris Low is becoming a new co-host alongside with Shan and Rozz. However, this has proved out to be an April Fool's Joke and the entire event of Ris Low joining 987FM makes Rozz abruptly leaving halfway through the show was just a plotted prank of it entirety.
16 July

987FM's broadcast studio were relocated from it's radio building at Caldecott Broadcast Centre to *SCAPE Singapore.

A launch party was held on the same day with performances from local artists such as Sezairi Sezali, Sylvia Ratonel & West Grand Boulevard. At the same time. listeners were then given a chance to tour around the entire studio.

This was all association with 987FM's 21st birthday.

19 July The entire line-up for 987FM were changed & all 987FM DJs will be broadcasting live from the newly-launched studio at *SCAPE Singapore.
Divian Nair has been changed from a part-time to full-time DJ. He was then place to co-hosts alongside with Ms Vandetta.
On Air With Ryan Seacrest was replaced by The Longest Lunch Break hosted by Sarah Tan.
24 July On Air With Ryan Seacrest was then moved to a new timeslot from 6 to 11pm on Sundays.
987 Club was pushed forward from the 11pm to 12am timeslot to 10 to 11pm timeslot every Saturdays.
987 The Edge was changed from it's 7 to 8pm timeslot every Saturdays to a new timeshlot of 10 to 11pm every Sundays.

The Weekend Wind-Down stopped varying its hosts weekly and sticked to only Desiree Lai to hosting it instead.

It's Sundays edition was also replaced by the repeat telecast of the 987 Top 20 Countdown which was aired from 2 to 4pm instead of the previous 11am to 1pm timeslot.

Say It With Music was brought forward on weekends from its previous 8 to 11pm timeslot to a newly extended timeslot from 6pm to 10pm.

The weekday edition of the show hosted by Shan & Rozz remains unchanged.

21 August The Weekend Wind-Down timeslot has changed again from 2 to 5pm to the 10am to 2pm timeslot. However, the host of the show, Desiree Lai, remains unchanged.

Two new weekends shows were introduced:

  • Muttons On The Weekends every Saturdays from 2 to 5pm.
  • Around The World In 60 Minutes every Sundays from 4 to 5pm.
28 August

Two revamped shows were re-introduced every weekends:

  • 987 Stripped every Saturdays from 5 to 6pm
  • 987 Home every Sundays from 5 to 6pm. Previously it was hosted by Soo & Rozz, it was changed to be hosted by Rozz herself.
10 October Emily Teng left 987FM.
13 November The weekend shows were reshuffled, resulting in the removal of 987 Stripped & On Air With Ryan Seacrest.
3 December Vanessa Fernandez left 987FM.
19 December Jacqui Thibodeaux temporarily left 987FM.
14 February Jacqui Thibodeaux returns back to 987FM.

Shan and Rozz were moved to the morning timeslots, while Divian and Jacqui has taken over the night shift timeslots as hosts of Say It With Music.

18 February Mr Young left 987FM.
May Genevieve Lim (Gen) left 987FM.
June Desiree Lai was assigned as a music director. The former music director, Colin Minjoot, was then transferred over to Class 95FM.
16 June -

7 July

So You Wanna Be A DJ were organised by 987FM, Y.E.S. 93.3FM, Ria 89.7FM & Oli 96.8FM. It was held every Thursdays at 8pm.

The eventual winner was Kimberly Wang.

October 987 The Next Big Thing was held. The winner will be entitled to a grand prize of $10,000 and a performing contract with 987FM.

4th Quarter

Kimberly Wang joined as a part-time DJ of 987FM.
18 February Shan Wee left 987FM.
23 March Sarah Tan left 987FM.
July Darren Wee joins the part-time 987FM DJ Crew.
3 September Jade Seah joins the 987FM DJ Crew.
November Shayma Alkaff left 987FM.
4th Quarter Sonia Chew joins the part-time 987FM DJ Crew after winning 987 Radio Star.
15 December Joakim Gomez joins the part-time 987FM DJ Crew.
13 Febuary Jacqui Thibodeaux left 987FM.
28 Febuary Desiree Lai left 987FM.
Febuary Dee Kosh (Darryl Koshy) joins the 987FM DJ Crew & teaming up with Divian Nair to form The Double Ds which was hosted every weekdays from 8pm to 12am.
March Jade Seah left 987FM.
20 May 987FM's broadcast studio moved back to it's MediaCorp Broadcasting Studios at Caldecott after its tenancy with *SCAPE Singapore has expired.
August Naomi Yeo joins the part-time 987 DJ Crew.
October Tabitha Nauser joins the part-time 987FM DJ Crew.
Jeremy Ratnam joins the 987FM DJ Crew.
January Kimberly Wang has being changed from a part-time to full-time DJ.
Sonia Chew has being changed from a part-time to full-time DJ.
3 January Rosalyn Lee (Rozz) left 987FM.
Bobby Tonelli left 987FM.
Jeremy Ratnam left 987FM.
6 January The Wake Up Call with Sonia & Joakim was introduced every weekdays from 6am to 10am.
10 March Divian Nair left 987FM.
30 May Dee Kosh left 987FM.
9 June Gerald Koh joins the 987 DJ Crew.
October Darren Wee left 987FM.
Unknown Month Tabitha Nauser has been changed from a part-time to full time DJ.
27 February Justin Ang & Vernon Anthonisz left 987FM & went over to Class 95FM to host Muttons In The Morning.
1 March Revamped of website & programmes.
28 June Naomi Yeo left 987FM.
November Nic Shields takes over as Music Director, taking over from Colin Minjoot and Jeremy Ratnam who stepped down in March 2015.
2 January Dafril Phua left 987FM.
25 July As a result of streamlining & downsizing policies with the changing media landscape, a majority of weekend specialty shows are removed.
6 January Tabitha Nauser left 987FM.
17 January 987FM's studio moved over to a brand new location at Mediacorp Campus located at Mediapolis@One-North.
23 January The commercial breaks were at :00, :15, :30, :45 minutes past the hour, and the news bulletin was aired at the :45 break. At the same time, the commercials were cut from 4 to 2 breaks per hour at :20, :40, and the news bulletin was moved forward to the top of the hour.
August Ann Nicole Ng joins the part-time 987FM DJ Crew after winning 987 Radio Star 2017.
November The news bulletin via CNA938 was only aired during primetime hours (6 to 9am, 11am to 12pm & 4 to 7pm).

At the same time, Mediacorp mandated it's news bulletin to be aired every hour. On weekdays, the news were aired hourly from 7am to 9pm, while on weekends the news is aired hourly from 10am to 7pm.

August Naomi Yeo returns back to 987FM.
8 September 987 Rave is replaced by the syndicated programme Spinnin' Sessions. [1]
April Nic Shields left Mediacorp. At the same time, Alfred Alfie took over as Music Director.
May Germaine Tan joins the 987FM DJ Crew.


January The Hot 20 Countdown was converted to a weekly show every Fridays instead of other weekdays. This marks the return to the weekly arrangement similar to the one before March 2016.
21 August Charmian Tan left 987FM.
4 September Avery Aloysius joins the part-time 987 DJ Crew.
6 September Maya Davidov joins the part-time 987 DJ Crew.
December The Hot 20 Countdown was temporarily paused in preparations for the year end Top 100 Countdown.
June Ann Nicole Ng has been changed from a part-time to full-time DJ.
July The syndicated programme Spinnin' Sessions, which aired from September 2018 to June 2021, is replaced by 987 Anthems with DJs from Zouk. This marks the return of 987 Anthems after a 4-year hiatus, which was last aired in 2017.
6 February Louisa Kan joins the part-time 987 DJ Crew.
March Alfred Alfie stepped down as Music Director.
987 Anthems on Saturday nights was silently removed without any official announcements.
1 April A revamped weekday show line-up is unveiled, which marked the first major schedule changes since 2017:

  • The Shock Circuit has changed from 4pm to 8pm to the 6am to 10am timeslot. However, the hosts of the show, Sonia Chew and Joakim Gomez, remain unchanged.

  • Natasha remains as the host of Lunchbox from 10am to 2pm.

  • Ann Nicole remains as the host of the afternoon show. However this timeslot was extended by 1 hour from 2-4pm to 2-5pm, and the show is renamed from Ad Free 50 to The Halftime Show. The previous time the afternoon slot was situated from 2 to 5pm was during a brief period of 3 weeks from 1 Aug to 18 Aug 2017. (Back in Aug 2017, the afternoon slot was moved from 1 to 4pm to 2 to 5pm, before being shortened to 2 to4pm.)

  • Get Up has being rescheduled & renamed from the 6 to 10am timeslot to Get Out from 5 to 8pm timeslot. Gerald and Kim are joined by the new full-time DJ, Maya. The previous time the trio hosted a show on the station was back in August 2017 called Get Up with Gerald, Kim & Adam in the mornings.[2]

  • The Knockout was renamed to The Down Low, and Germaine is joined by the new full-time DJ, Avery. The previous time a duo hosted the night show and, by extension, The Hot 20 Countdown, was during January-July 2017 with Gerald and Adam.

Avery Aloysius has been changed from a part-time to full-time DJ.
Maya Davidov has been changed from a part-time to full-time DJ.
The commercial-free segment (Ad Free 50; Aug 2017-Mar 2022) from 2 to 4pm was removed. Commercial breaks are now aired thrice at about 00 (before news bulletin), 20 and 40 minutes past the hour during this timeslot, similarly to other timeslots.