987FM Wiki

Muttons To Midnight/Muttons On The Move[]

  • Tickle My Muttons: A segment which happen every weekdays by making every listeners to put a smile of their face by telling the listeners funny short poem which a twist to the ending.
  • Ping & Pong/Sam & Robert: A segment whereby the Muttons disguise their voices talking about life.
  • Complete My Muttons: A segment which happened every Mondays where the muttons sings a famous line from a famous song, chopping off the last line and asking the callers to "Complete My Muttons!"
  • Musical Tuesday: A segment which happened every Tuesdays whereby the Muttons rips off songs from famous artist singing about hot topics of the week, news & etc.
  • Mutton Rap Of The Week!: A segment which happened every Wednesdays which the Muttons raps about hot topics of the week, news & etc.
  • Justin Jokes Of The Week: A segment which happened every Fridays whereby Justin Ang tried to tells his "world class" jokes to the nation with the intro "You gotta fight, for your right!". Every jokes tells by Justin gets a punishment, torture, destroying his stuffs & etc. by Vernon.


  • The Greatest Human Weapon: A 5 week segment which started from 3 March 2011 to 19 May 2011 whereby Justin tries to call people into telling them things which is against their policy & he will tried to change their minds by calling them & pleading them to make that happen. At every call, he would drag "Vernon A" into it (with the exception of 12 May 2011 & 19 May 2011 one).
  • Sleep Sleep My Muttons!: Another special segment which started from 15 June 2011 to 20 October 2011 whereby Justin calls random people & involuntary falling asleep while on conversations with them.

Say It With Music With Divian And Jacqui[]

  • Dr. Prata Da Bomb: A segment where divian will change his voice disguise to be Dr. Prata Da Bomb & answering funny & silly questions to Jacqui.